In a world of  wood, the talented people have specialized in time and thus, inevitably, a diversity of crafts and trades have appeared, whose representatives have offered their services for the community.


First of all, we have the foresters who deal with the growing, care and exploitation of the forest, then the wood transporters, such as the carters, the rafters or the forest railway workers. The sawmill workers used to do the traditional cutting of the timber, with the help of installations which used the force of the water, or by manual cutting with special saws.


There are the wood sculptors who create decorative and beauty objects and the painters of icons who make the church objects. There are the spoon makers, the coopers or the wattling makers who manufacture some of the domestic objects, while the constructors of wooden houses are among the  mostly appreciated wood workers. There are more, the beam carvers, the carpenters, the joiners and the shingle splitters. The list of these crafts is not complete without the constructors of means of transport, the wheelwrights or the makers of musical instruments.

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